"Painter Under the Influence" (Self portrait)

The appeal of living near a large cosmopolitan
city like Los Angeles, is the diversity of people
that one can find there. I love their relationships
to the environment and each other, and try to
capture the essence of that in my paintings.

Upon assessing my work of the past few years, I
discovered my most successful paintings told a
story. An exchange of expression, an embrace
between figures, or a surprise reveal of another
figure just off the page, will create a story-telling
device. Usually, the challenge of creating a new
environment for the subject is the impetus for
me to create the painting. Adding romance and
atmosphere is what excites my process and
hopefully it is expressed in the finished painting.

My educational background includes studies at
the University of California Los Angeles; five
years at  California Institute of the Arts
(Chouinard), majoring in Film Arts and Fine Arts,
and advanced study in watercolor painting
under George Labadie.

I am currently teaching a class: “The Figure in
Watercolor” at the California Art Institute in
Thousand Oaks.

Leatrice Joy Richardson
Leatrice Joy Richardson
Fine Art